C-zam IT Concept 

      Thanks to  its own unique implanted identification chip, when your pet comes close to the C-zam IT, it will be recognised and the device will deliver the food you dedicated to it, in the right quantity. In total serenity and full safety ! 
Some pets, like cats for instance, want to have their food available anytime, on demand. Statisticaly, cats eat up to 40 times/day !
With the foolproof C-zam IT your pets will be able to come back to eat as many time as they want! in the quantity you set for them. 
The C-zam IT can manage up to 4 different kind of food, more than one pet can be fed with one kind of food ! 
Who can be interested in the C-zam IT
Starting with just one pet, you may be interested! For example: if your cat stays outside during your working day, you can leave the food safely outside for it, with no possibility that other cats will have access to its food! 
If you feed your pets an appropriate diet, we can bet that you will have more than one kind of food to give them! 
How can you be sure, leaving it always available in one room, that your pets will eat the food you have selected (the right one and sometimes the essential one) for them? 
A lot of multi-owners get this headache daily! They try to isolate each animal from the others during feeding, but must monitor them all the time to avoid an eventual accident! Like this kitten close to choking on a bigger pellet than the one specially designed for the size of its mouth! Or like this diabetic dog eating pellets not suitable for its diet and provided for the cats! 
The C-zam IT is the ONLY solution to your head ache. 
You can enjoy the continued company of your favourite pets and leave their food available permanently (in given quantities). No more need to try to isolate them before feeding, no more need to monitor them during feeding and no more need to remove the remaining food afterwards…

And last but not least, you can save money, not wasting specific food to pets not needing it ! Check "downloads" menu " to make your own calculation !