Adapted dietetic aspects / vitality thank to C-zam IT 

Diet food 
For various reasons, your pet may reach an overweight situation which can be dangerous for its health. It could be because it has been sterilized, 
or just a bit over-fed ! So it is high time to feed it with diet food to bring it back to better conditions or keep it in good shape in case of sterilization for example. 
However, if among your other pets you have one that needs an alternative, high grade food, such as a young dog or kitten, or a pregnant female. The C-zam IT allows you to automatically supply the right food to the right animal at the right time and only in the quantity required. 

Breed requirement
For each breed, age, size, weight and environment (indoor/outdoor) there corresponds an ideally balanced diet. However, you may have many pets at home of different breeds, age, activity and each with a different nutritional requirement. 
The C-zam IT allows you, with certainty, to deliver the optimum feed to each of your pets in order to keep them in peak condition and help protect them from disease. It allows you to manage up to 4 different diets. Each animal will only be able to access its own food yet all of your pets will be able to eat foods to their specific requirement. 

Pets hotels 
During your vacations, leaving your pet in a pet hotel is a handy and convenient solution to ensuring their continued safety and well being. But, it is not easy to be certain that your pet will receive the correct food – either from your own direction or that recommended by your vet. 
If the hotel is equipped with the C-zam IT, it will be possible for them to guarantee that your pet will receive nothing other than your selected food – thus leaving you without stress or worry to enjoy your holiday.