Health aspects with the C-zam IT

Dose / quantities
If you want to avoid overweight pets and the health consequences this can bring, it is very important to control the quantity of food given to the pet. The C-zam IT will deliver daily, the portion you have prepared and evaluated. 
The ability to dispense an exact quantity of food for a specific animal brings a very important benefit. With the knowledge that when an animal starts to become ill it will likely lose its appetite, any remaining food found in
the C-zam IT during re-loading will be an early warning possibly long before other symptoms, often difficult to spot, become obvious. 

Any kind of cure 
If, among your pets, one has had surgery or is ill and must strictly follow a temporary medical diet (possibly sometimes for months), the C-zam IT will give you the means to confidently adhere to the prescribed remedy. 
The sick animal will not be able to access food guarded by the C-zam IT assigned for other pets and in turn, other pets cannot access the special medical diet which might be dangerous for them.