Safety thank to C-zam IT 

If your pet has a food allergy, there are many hypoallergenic foods available. They avoid your pets developing very dangerous allergic symptoms, which sometimes may be very serious. But, if you have a second, non-allergic pet, feeding times can become very stressful. 
Do I risk my allergic pet eating the other pet foods and become ill? 
Using C-zam IT, there is no more risk of that kind! 
Each pet is safely fed with the right food, every time. No more need to permanently monitor them! No more need to isolate them! You can leave the food permanently available, and in automatically controlled quantities! 

If like 1 in 500 your pet is diabetic, you will already know the danger if your pet eats an un-balanced food! 
Can you afford the risk to your pet should it access a food not good for it? 
The C-zam IT is your chance for complete feeding safety. You can feed your pet with the selected and balanced food, leaving it continuously available, and in fully controlled quantities ! You can simultaneously feed your other pets with their own dedicated food without any fears! 

Babies and infants 

If you have the joy of having babies born at home or if, even on a small scale you breed kittens, you know they must be fed with a perfectly balanced food and the size of the pellets must fit their mouth! There is indeed, specialized food designed for babies and young animals, the size and shape optimised to the size of their mouth, and with high-grade of calcium, vitamins and proteins to match their growth demand. You must also, for a certain period, feed the new mother with specific foods to support her milk production and re-build her strength. For the father, there is no special need to change his established diet. And here you face the classic problem! You must deliver 3 different kinds of food in the same house! 
The C-zam IT allows you to easily manage this situation. It will deliver accurately and automatically, the right food to the right animal. You can allow 2 infants to access the same food and even set 2 compartments to the same food for the young if you are fortunate enough to have a large litter! 
Eliminate the suffocation risk for the young from swallowing a too large pellet or reaching satiety with a food not well balanced for them and so compromise their correct development! 

Kidney problems 
If one of your pets has kidney problems, there are specific pellets for alleviating this disease. The C-zam IT allows you to dispense these "medicinal foods" to the right pet and to ensure the others receive their usual balanced food. 
Difficult Digestion 
Similarly, in case of a pet with a difficult digestion, the specific pellets will be given to the right animal with absolute certainty.