Frequently asked questions : 

Question 1 : For how many pets is the C-zam IT useful ? 
Answer : 
Starting with just 1 pet, the Czam IT can be very useful. If you leave your cat outside whilst you are at work and you leave its food unattended on the terrace or the balcony, there may be other cats in the neighbourhood, which come and eat its food. With the C-zam IT, only your cat will have access granted to the food. The same could be for 2 cats living at home. Indeed, if you have a cat and a dog and you want your cat to have its food available anytime, the greedy dog may eat it all. So, you can give a “sesame” to the cat by setting in, its vet chip so it can access its dedicated food. And another tag for the dog so he can eat his own food and not the cat's meal. Same idea, if you have 2 cats with 2 different diets etc... 
Question 2 : If we buy the C-zamIT+ reading both chip and badge, can the collar material provided to hold the tag damage the fur and harm the pet? 
Answer : 
The tag material has been extensively tested on pets bred for beauty and value, and they never have experienced problems with allergic reaction or damage to their fur or skin. Additionally, the tag holder has been designed to break in the event of the pet being grabbed by a foe or entangled by accident, in order not to injure it. Of course, it is possible to use an existing, regular pet collar, to secure the tag. 
Question 3 : What happens if 2 pets want to eat simultaneously ? 
Answer : 
The software would close the shutter when two tags are detected. The natural animal hierarchy will come into play, and there will always be one animal leaving the device and coming back later. On top,the mechanical design should not allow 2 cats to squeeze in !
Question 4 : What happens, if a pet manages to open the shutter  ? 
Answer : 
The shutter is locked but designed for the pets safety. If the pet would try to open the shutter, it will be near enough to be detected by its tag and the device will select the right food, in the right compartment, so there is no risk of wrong delivery. 
Question 5 : Can my pet be injured if it tries to put its foot into the device? 
Answer : 
The shutter is locked, but designed for the pets safety and has no "strength". There is not enough gap betweeen the cover and the carrousel to squeeze a leg. So no risk. 
Question 6 : How many animals can be registered to the device? 
Answer : 
The Czam IT can support more than 128 tags! But in reality, it is better to think about how many different kinds of foods can be dispensed. It is possible to manage up to 4 different kinds of food (because there are 4 compartments). It is possible to allocate some animals to the same compartments, taking into account the quantity of food in one compartment, knowing what daily portion size you want to provide. 
Question 7 : Can 2 pets eat from the same compartment? 
Answer : 
Yes. You can easily set this within the software. 
Question 8 : Can the device be used for kittens or puppys ? 
Answer : 
Yes. As soon as your pet does not need mother's milk, it is possible to fix a tag to their collar so they can access the specific baby pellet, whose shape and composition is specially designed for them. Additionally, they cannot access adult pellets which are too big for their mouth, risking possible choking or suffocation.