The inventor Stéphanie Janssens is a cat breeder (Mythiccoon, Maine coon) who faced the issue of feeding correctly few pets having various food requirements and living in the same room. Because there was no solution on the market, she founded the Cats' n ko company in February, 2010 and designed the first smart pet feeder, using, as a first step, a RFID badge: C-zam D4.
C-zam D4 gave an excellent mean to validate the concept. Since 2010, It has been even recommended by veterinarians and manufacturers of food offering a very wide range, and close to 1000 devices are already in operation!
This concept's relevance confirmation allowed to invest and to improve it further, thanks to the users feedback. So, she could design and, with the support of an industrial partner Plast' Avenir 87, manufacture in France, the C-zam IT  world first automatic pet feeder reading the vet  identification chip.